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Mayor Les Otto      (701) 452-2414  (home)        (701) 269-4289 (cell)

City Council

 President-Cody Cooper 612-508-0751

 Vice President-Whittney Lipp 321-0456

 Kathy Welder 452-2222

 Katie Pinke 701-261-9494   

 Mike Jacobson 452-2528

 Brenda Soelberg-Dohn 452-2135


City Auditor - Mary Wald   (701) 452-2567 - email


Lyle Nantt, Public Works Director

 (701) 452-2567           (701) 452-1307

 (701) 452-2567           (701) 452-1307


City council meetings are held the 1st Monday of every month.

The Wishek City Council consists of six aldermen and the mayor, who acts as the board president.  Aldermen are elected  to four year terms.  Three Aldermen are elected biennially.  Each Alderman is responsible for specific portfolios of the city department and projects.  There is no limit to the number of  consecutive terms.

2016-2018 Portfolios

STREETS AND SIDEWALKS                         WATER AND SEWER                                                      

MIKE JACOBSON                                         KATIE PINKE


POLICE Dept.                                                CIVIC CENTER

LES OTTO                                                       WHITTNEY LIPP                                                  


CEMETERY                                                      LIBRARY

KATHY WELDER                                              BRENDA SOELBERG-DOHN


 ARMORY                                                          SANITATION

 BRENDA SOELBERG-DOHN                             CODY COOPER


 CITY HALL                                                       PERSONNEL COMMITTEE

KATHY WELDER                                                LES OTTO


SALARIES                                                          ORDINANCE REVISION

ALL                                                                      ALL


JDA                                                                    CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE

WHITTNEY LIPP                                                 LES OTTO



Grass Clipping: Located behind the City Shop, open day hours




Association of Commerce

◾Kelly Brown, President

◾Danielle Goebel, Secretary

◾Stephanie Kaatz, Vice President

◾Jon Leadbetter, Treasurer

◾Staci Just

◾Chelsey Horner

◾Jessica Fandrich

◾Paula Froehling

◾Mike vanGorkom

◾ Vacant spot


Park Board

◾Bruce Dalke

◾Josh Wiest

◾David Salwei

◾Robyn Opsahl

Vacant Spot


Airport Authority

◾Jeff Schauer

◾Lorren Henke

◾Les Otto

◾Vic Vilhauer

◾Paul Just


Zoning Board

◾Larry Wald

◾Brandon Bies

Roger Rieger

Jason Conitz

Vacant Spot


City Beautification Board

◾Bruce Schauer

◾Renae Otto

◾Brenda Dohn

◾Sonia Salwei

Don Weber


City and County Law Enforcement

◾John Kaatz, Chief Deputy Sheriff

◾Connor Monk, Deputy Sheriff

◾Laurie Spitzer, Sheriff

◾Andrew Tunheim, Police Chief

◾ Matthew Beehler, City Police

◾Perry Turner, Judge