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Moving can be quite an undertaking and we would like to provide you with many of the necessary details to make this transition as smooth as possible. We welcome you to Wishek and look forward to you being a part of our community.

City Hall
(701) 452-2567
23 S Centennial St  Wishek, ND 58495
Office hours: 9am-12pm. & 1-3pm

City council meetings are held the 1st Monday of every month.

Visit City Hall to set up water, sewer and sanitation as well as building permits.

(911) Service
Ambulance Service 701-452-2326 Jo Vilhauer
Fire Department 701-452-4322 Dave Just
Police 701-452-2469 Andy Tunheim
Emergency Locksmith 701-452-4336


Montana Dakota Utilities, Co.

KEM Electric Cooperative

Water Contact City Hall (701) 452-2567 - email

Supplier: City of Wishek
Source: Ground Water - 2 Wells
Maximum Daily Capacity: 1,224,000 Gal. Per Day
Peak Load: 600,000 Gal. Per Day
Storage Capacity: 150,000 Gal. (overhead)
(Fee for water, sewer & sanitation, and stree lights is $40.00 billed monthly)


Contact City Hall (701) 452-2567 - email

Storm Sewer: Yes
Sanitary Sewer: Yes
Treatment Plant: 3-Cell Lagoon
Solid Waste Disposal: City Operated

Garbage Collection

Contact City Hall (701) 452-2567 - email
Monday - all homes on the West side of Centennial Street
Thursday - all homes on the East side of Centennial Street

Cable and Data (Broadband Internet) Midcontinent Communications
Telephone Service: BEK Communications
Internet Access: BEK Communications or Veteran's Relocation Service

Post Office
14 N 5TH ST
(701) 452-2475
Online change of address form:

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Toll free number 855-637-6237

State website

Wishek School
K-6 Wishek Badgers
7-12 South Border Mustangs

Public Pool -- Facebook page
Monday-Sunday 1-5 and 7-9


Highways serving the area: U.S. 83, U.S. 281, State Highways 3, 13, 30, 11
Distance to nearest Interstate: 50 miles

Railroad: Dakota Missouri Valley & Western (DMVW)
No Piggyback Service - No Switching Service
Motor Freight Carriers: Parcel Service (UPS), FedEX, Midwest Motor (Terminal Facilities - 100 miles)
Gentzkow Trucking (Terminal Facilities - 65 miles) Local Independent Contractors

Airport: Wishek Municipal Airport, located southeast of the city.
Runway length: 3,450 Ft.
Surface: Asphalt

The nearest major airport is Bismarck Municple Airport  (BIS / KBIS). This airport has domestic flights from Bismarck, North Dakota and is 91 miles from the center of Wishek, ND.

Runway Length: 8,800'
Surface: Asphalt

Another major airport is Aberdeen Regional Airport (ABR / KABR), which has domestic flights from Aberdeen, South Dakota and is 114 miles from Wishek, ND.


McIntosh County in which Wishek is located has a Homestead Credit for Sr. & Disabled Citizens who meet established criteria. 

Taxes: 6.5% 
Police Dept.: 2 Fulltime Officers 
Fire Dept.: 35 Volunteers  
Fire Equipment: 2 Pumps, 2 Tanker, 4 Grass Fire Units, 1 Rescue Vehicle, 1 Chief Truck  
Fire Insurance Rating: 4! 

Service provided industry beyond corporate limits or by county: Rural Fire District. 
Planning Commission: No. 
Industrial Plan Approval: Yes.
Zoning Regulation: No.


Cost of Living Comparisons

Why consider moving to Wishek?
It's no secret that you typically make more money working in a large community than in a small one.  It's the main reason many people--especially young people seeking their first full-time job--leave their home town and head to the "Big City."  What they often find is that it costs considerably more to live in a large city, and the salary they make doesn't afford them the standard of living they were expecting. Still, we are a mobile society, and whatever the reasons are that cause people to move, we wish them well and much success. 
But consider this: a salary cost comparison between Bismarck, ND and Minneapolis, Chicago and Denver, indicate that if you earn $50,000 in any of those cities, you could earn anywhere from 21 to 50 percent less and have an equal standard of living if you lived in Bismarck. And that spread would be even greater if you lived in Wishek. 

Obviously, you will give up some things for small town living, but rural communities are seeing more and more that people are tiring of the high crime rate, traffic, over-population and hassles of large city life, and yearning for the slower pace and peacefulness that small town life has to offer.  While the job market is slimmer here, job openings exist and you owe it to yourself to explore your options! 

What some folks don't consider is that they can live equally well in a small community on less money, primarily because the cost of housing is much lower.  A single family home in Wishek can typically be purchased for anywhere from $25,000 to $75,000, and a very nice new home can be built for $125,000 to $175,000.  Smaller,very livable homes for a single person or couple can be purchased for well under $25,000. 

The Wishek City Council has authorized a 2 year tax abatement on the first $75,000 of the home's value for new construction. 

Rental housing is also available, and rent costs typically range from $150 to $350 per month, plus utilities. 

If you are a homeowner in a large city with equity in your present home, imagine the financial windfall of selling your home in your market, moving to Wishek and purchasing a home here for a fraction of the cost.  The potential for establishing a solid retirement fund with the net gain from that sale is very real!  Wishek has licensed real estate agents to assist you in searching the housing market. 

Also, you will generally pay less for car and home insurance, property taxes and entertainment. What you may give up in cultural opportunities, you will gain by making new friends, getting involved in community organizations and activities, and becoming a part of the wonderful, small town lifestyle! 

In increasing numbers, people are choosing rural living for its safety, leisurely pace, friendly, family atmosphere and proximity to outdoor recreational opportunities not easily found in metropolitan areas.  We invite you to take a drive around Wishek on a breezy, sunny afternoon or a calm, warm evening, notice the cleanliness of our town and admire the pride homeowners have for their property.  You will feel the warmth of our community, the relaxed pace, and wonder why you're not part of it all!